The Havilah school

In Kenia there’s no obligation to attend school. Children with poor parents or children from the slums have no chance of getting an education. Each school demands school fees since they’re not supported by government. There are also additional expenses for school uniforms, books and notebooks.

On 08.01.2014 Milly opened a school in the Khalwenge slums: the Havilah Hope Academy. All the kids of Havilah Family went to school there. The academy’s level of difficulty can be compared to a primary school.
Apart from the Havilah kids 140 kids from the slums were allowed to go to school there. Some were able to pay a small fee but some couldn’t even pay that.

In the meantime a lot has changed. After building the house Milly started teaching the Havilah kids directly at the orphanage. However the authorities insisted that Milly was only allowed to teach the kids in separate rooms built for this purpose. This lead to the construction of a provisional building with several classrooms on the orphanage’s property. So now the entire Primary School (1.–8. grade) can take place on Havilah’s own property. Apart from the Havilah kids some kids from the local village attend this school and pay a small fee. This helps Havilah pay the teachers’ salaries.

In order to go to a secondary school the kids have to go to day schools or boarding schools.
It’s often very hard for us to find the money to pay the fees for secondary schools.


Some information about school fees

County-school (elementary school)

School fees at Havilah school are 1500 Ksh (15,00 Euro) each month.
This fee includes books, teachers’ salaries and examination fees.

Provincial school (secondary school)

Secondary schools that include a boarding school cost about 50000 to 60000 Ksh (500-600 Euro) per year. Day schools cost between 35000 and 37000 Ksh (350-370 Euro) per year.

National school (college, international school)

Changing to this school (in January) costs 150,00 Euro. This includes school uniform and books.
After that 100,00 Euro need to be paid every 3 months.

There are 2 semesters in a year: from September to December and from January to April. The holidays run from January to August.
Changing to a new semester costs 51000,00 Ksh (510 Euro).
The second semester of a year costs 35000 KSh (350 Euro).
In addition to those fees 3500 Ksh (35 Euro) have to be paid each month to cover rent.