Project „Farming“

August 2019 – buying farmland above the school

To offer education and perspectives for a better future is one of the main goals of Havilah Hope! This is what we want to leave our Havilah Hope kids with when they go on to live their lifes outside the orphanage. If these assets are wisely used they can significantly influence the course of a live.
In 2019 we added a practical (and as we believe very important) aspect to the field of “education”. Havilah Hope had the chance to buy another piece of land directly next to the property of the new school. We use this land to offer „farming“ as a school subject.
The children learn all about the topic “cultivation of domestic and local vegetables and fruits”.
This includes the preparation of the ground, sowing, care and harvest and goes on to preparation and sale!
Furthermore the harvest supplies the orphanage and enriches the childrens‘ diet!