Havilah Hope e.V. – the association

We founded the association on 30. June 2013 in Dinkelsbühl (Middle Franconia) in order to realize our goal to support the Havilah Family in Kitale and to do so in an orderly and transparent fashion. The association collects donations from people with open hearts who are willing to share what they got with the very poor.

The association is working on an entirely voluntary and unsalaried basis. So no part of any donation is used for the association but absolutely everything goes to the orphanage.

Each month all donations are remitted in one step. This means general donations, contributions to rent, remittance fees or money from the godparents.

One of the godmothers once said: a sponsorship means that “Africa is lent a face”. You can specifically follow the development of your godchild  though it’s important to know that the monthly donations are used to take care of all kids. Children with sponsors are favored only when their education is concerned.

There’s direct communication between the association’s management and the head of the orphanage so it’s possible to inquire about the well-being of the child. There’s a possibility to send letters, packages and pictures and you’re updated on the development and well-being of the child.

Additionally we want to support the kids in standing on their own feet and in contributing to the family’s income themselves. As a consequence small ‘projects’ are started on-site to help the family gain their own income.


You can download the statutes of the association as a pdf-file here (actual only in german).