Havilah kids

Most of the kids living in the orphanage are orphans. But there are also kids whose parents can’t support (all) their kids. The families of the slums live in horrible conditions that we could never even imagine. Most parents have many children and are often heavily infested with Jiggers themselves and most are suffering from HIV. They get by on what the children find on the streets or manage to get by begging. These families usually cast out the girls first but also their very sick kids.

The children are usually heavily infested with Jiggers, sick, emaciated, dirty and depraved when they’re brought to the orphanage. In some cases the children were no longer able to walk because their legs and feet were so badly infested with Jiggers! Even when they were treated some wounds were so deep it took up to half a year before the child could get anywhere without crawling or being carried around.

Behind each of these faces the story of a very hard life is hidden! Many of the children were mistreated or abused by their own fathers or relatives! With others their step-parents tried to kill them because they didn’t want to accept them. Some were forced into child-prostitution by their relatives! Or sometimes girls

that were left to rely on themselves thought that this was their only chance of survival and made this decision for themselves. It’s unimaginable! Some of those kids live at Havilah together with their bodily siblings.

Through the support of Havilah Hope e.V. the kids of Havilah Family get their childhood/youth back – and in some cases literally their lives. They are no longer forced to endure hunger and instead they get a good education and through that a future perspective.

With regards to the personal rights of each child their personal profiles are not disclosed on this homepage. If there is a sincere interest in taking over a godparenthood for a child you can contact us about his/her profile.

Here are all kids that are currently living in the Havilah Family.


The colour of the frames tells you who already found a godparent (white) and who is still waiting for one (yellow).

It takes only 20-30 Euro each month to change the colour of a frame and more importantly the live of a child!

This amount is enough to get three simple meals every day for a month for one child. School fees aren’t included. Learn more about them on “Havilah School”.

Thank you very much for your help!

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