The head of Havilah Family

Milly Nekesa Dindi founded the Havilah Family on 05.01.2011.

She is married and has 3 biological children. Her parents are relatively rich and she’s a teacher. She gave her “wealth” for her calling. Milly says: “God laid it on my heart to take care of the girls turned from their homes and of the orphaned girls to protect them from prostitution or to get them out of it!”

Milly has an incredibly big heart. Whenever she can spare something she uses it to help another person. An example for this is that she was prepared to donate one of her kidneys in order to get enough money to keep the orphanage going for a few weeks. At this point God literally intervened and prevented her from doing so! She had already gotten a surgery appointment and booked a seat on the bus when God stepped in.

Every day Milly works so very hard – more than should be possible. She can’t look past misery or poverty but notices it. The kids love her very much. Milly teaches them true values for their lives and the kids are good students. They value and respect Milly and they know that most of them wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for their “Mom Milly”.