About our project

Our main goal is to financially support a children’s home – the Havilah Family – in Kitale (Kenia).

The home was founded in 2011 and currently accommodates 95 children and adolescents aged from 1 to 18 (as of January 2020).

Most of the kids are orphans while some of them come from very poor families, have seriously ill parents or were abused and rejected. Time and again abandoned kids are discovered in the slums – usually seriously ill and malnourished due to neglect over a long period of time. Often these kids are very young and nobody knows where their parents are to be found.

In the beginning the children’s home mainly accepted girls. The reason for this was that especially in poor families it’s not unusual to abandon girls first if they can’t provide for all of their children. Often these girls don’t know any other means of survival than to go into prostitution (sometimes even when they’re still little girls). By now there are also a lot of boys in our orphanage since we didn’t want to separate twins and we obviously wanted siblings in need to stay together.

The Havilah Family  offers the kids a home and security and tries to give them back their self-esteem.
The aim of our work and project is and will be to help the kids of Havilah Family escape from hunger and illness and to lead them to a better future by offering them an education.