Fundraising campaign „Buy a semester”

Right now there are  95 orphans living with the Havilah Family. 75 of those are old enough to go to school. This is getting more and more challenging for everybody supporting our project.

In Kenia there are more than 52 tribes, different languages and 61 dialects. Therefore every child has to go to a pre-school before going to school. There they are taught English since it’s otherwise impossible to go to primary school.
All primary school pupils go to our Havilah Hope School situated on the orphanage property. This school was built to save transport costs. At the moment we employ 9 teachers. One of them works as a social worker at the same time. In Kenya every school year consists of 3 parts. For every three months the children spend at school they’re at home for one month. 
School fees for the children going to secondary schools include board and lodgings.  (School system in Kenia)

As to our campaign:

This campaign was especially started for everybody wanting to support our project and wanting to know exactly what was going to happen with their donation while at the same time not wanting to commit to the obligation of becoming a god-parent.

We want to “sell” semesters:

This is an ideal chance for everybody who wants to support us but isn’t able to or doesn’t want to do this in the long term.

Here are the different options:

Primary School
Fees: 165,- € per year

Secondary School
» Daily Secondary School
» National School
» Extra County School
» County School
» Sub County School
Fees: 200,- €  up to 750,- € per year

Fees: very different depending on the profession and the training duration

Fees: about 500,- € per year
Additional costs:
» Costs for initial registration
» Bed and mattress
» Rent
» Food
» Laptop and books
» Uniform

We’d be very happy if you like our campaign and want to give a child the opportunity to get an education for another semester or gladly another year.

All our children are very ambitious and know that it isn’t natural to get the chance to go to school. There are 13 year old girls in our orphanage who have never been to school.

Getting an education is the first step towards a better future. It offers a perspective on a life beyond living in the slums they come from and it helps the children to one day stand on their own feet.

Please use our Donation form to „buy“ a semester