Everybody can become a member!

  • There are no membership fees. Those wanting to help take care of the association’s expenses (postage for letters or the shipment of leaflets and jewellery, office supplies etc) are welcome to contact our cashier (Matthias Gogolin)

  • All the friends, supporters and godparents are equally informed of everything concerning the association and the orphanage.

  • The only thing reserved for members is the right to decide/vote on questions concerning the association’s structure (e.g. election of the executive board). Postal voting is possible.

  • Apart from that everybody is welcome to share their ideas and suggestions for the benefit of the orphanage. Everybody is working on a voluntary basis to the best of their abilities. The association is grateful for every kind of support.

  • Basically becoming a member is possible at any point of time. The new members are officially welcomed to the association at the annual general meeting (even when not in attendance).

  • It’s possible to terminate the membership (informally) any time.


Are you interested in a membership? Or have any questions regarding one?
Feel free to contact us any time.